Scarlett Alexandra:
Writer, Comedian, Friend

Content Creator and Screenwriter


Things I've Written

But have not yet produced...

Image by Dan Counsell

Party Horse

A Short Film

Image by Vadim Fomenok

Character Monologues


Image by Snowy Vin

Road To Hell:
A Supervillain Origin Story

A Play

Image by Dalton Smith

The Tailor

A Short Film

Image by Marija Zaric

Sketch Comedy


Image by Abbilyn Zavgorodniaia

The Town Hag

A TV Pilot

Candy Stripes

About Me

Creating with Compassion

With experience as an actor, musician, comedian, live show producer, playwright, influencer, and screenwriter, it's a lot of labels to take in all at once. I have a non-traditional background with endless tales to tell pulling from experiences I've had and the constant stream of imagination that haunts my every waking moment. As a queer comedian, I strive to give other diverse creators a platform or a stage to develop their voice and create content for everyone, not just a select few. At the moment I am concentrating my efforts on screenwriting so that I can someday make millions laugh since my parents still don't think I'm funny.